John Blanchard is an internationally known Christian preacher, teacher, apologist and author. He has written 30 books, including two of Britain's most widely used evangelistic presentations, Right With God and the booklet Ultimate Questions. The latter has over fourteen million copies in print in about 60 languages. His major book Does God believe in Atheists?, published in 2000, was voted 'Best Christian Book' in the 2001 UK Christian Book Awards, and immediately became a best-seller, described as 'a brilliant defense of belief in God'. Other books he has written include: Truth for Life, Whatever Happened to Hell, Meet the Real Jesus, Beatitudes for Today and Major Points from the Minor Prophets and The Hitch-hiker's Guide to Heaven.

Blanchard is now heavily committed to Popular Christian Apologetics, a project involving writing, speaking, teaching and broadcasting in defense of the Christian faith. Following on from Does God Believe in Atheists? further books in the series include, Has Science got rid of God?, Is God past His sell-by Date?, Meet the Real Jesus, Is Anybody Out There?, Where Do We Go From Here?, Evolution: Fact or Fiction?, Why Believe the Bible?, Why on Earth did Jesus Come?, Why the Cross?, JESUS: Dead or Alive?, Anyone for Heaven? Click here to find out more about this project or browse the links on the right.

John Blanchard is a member of Banstead Community Church, located in the Surrey village in which he lives.

John Blanchard’s first wife, Joyce, died on 17 February 2010. On 11 April 2015 he married Pam Robertson, a long-time friend of the family.

Latest Release from John Blanchard

Why Are You Here?
978 178397 0681
280 pages Paperback

It’s one thing to have Ultimate Questions or something similar to freely hand out to anyone, but what do you give to the thinking, serious person who is wrestling with the Christian faith and its relationship to the meaning of life? John Blanchard provides the answers in this new book, written for Christians to give to enquirers. Dr Blanchard deals with the scientific and philosophical issues in his inimitable style, leading at the heart of the book to a fullorbed presentation of the glories of the gospel.

Professor Sinclair Ferguson says:
"You can trust John Blanchard. In addition to the sheer clarity of what he writes, he is honest and he is gracious. At no point will you find yourself asking, ‘What is he trying to say!’ Nothing here is dull, merely ordinary or interesting. He has that special gift if being insatiably curious about things, and - this is his genius - he always seems to be asking if and how and why things happen. Why are you here? will help you to connect the dots so that the big picture,although composed of seemingly endless millions of facts, really does begin to make sense."

Dan Walker, presenter of BBC Television’s Football Focus adds:
The journalist in me loves asking the ‘big’ questions.

Mine are normally posed to famous faces who have just met with triumph or disaster or are preparing to. I love getting the answers.

There are some questions in life that are REALLY important though and they don’t come much more significant than ‘Why are we here’?

It’s a subject which gets to the heart of what makes us tick, keeps us going, governs out relationships and dictates what happens both during life and after death. It sounds serious doesn’t it? Thankfully John Blanchard has an incredible ability to strip away the guff, cut through the rubbish, and point towards the light.

This is a book that will make you think hard about what you consider to be true and, if the author is right, it’s life-changing life-affirming truth. That has got to be worth some of your precious time.

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